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Hello Kitty Tattoo Designs

You just can't get enough of the Hello Kitty craze that surrounds the beauty and fashion world? Then, here you have the latest Hello Kitty Tattoo designs that would definitely mark your special relationship with the cute animated icon. Take a closer at how some of the most talented tattoo artist could line up a rich variety of designs inspired by the cult launched by this fabulous character.

Tattoo artists are eager to come up with the wildest and most visionary ideas to meet the expectations and needs of their clients. Whether you ask for a memorable image or a funny design they will grant you with the most fabulous drawings and tattoo art models.
Hello Kitty Tattoo Designs

 In this case they wish to tame the cravings of the public for more Hello Kitty style items. Indeed tattoos are some of the statement accessories of the moment requested by more and more people. From here came the idea of immortalizing this cute character with a set of cool designs. The following Hello Kitty tattoo designs lead the most popular list of the market and offer fans the chance to pay their tribute to the cult created by a cartoon character who managed to become a beloved presence in our life.


  • Hello Kitty can be portrayed and presented in endless ways. Tattoo artists team up with the ideas of clients and create some of the most faddish tattoo designs inspired by this cute character. You'll find colorful and funny images that will definitely become a statement accessory when worn on your skin. Choose your favorite design and pay special attention to color selection and size. Indeed these factors will determine the outcome of your body art project. Ask the opinion of professionals if you have doubts about the success of your ideas. Make sure you are willing to make this long-term decision and take a plunge into this project if you're totally confident in the success of your plan.

  • Skim through a multitude of designs until you spot the one that suits your personality be it more flirty and feminine or it can be also funny and intriguing.Drop a glimpse at these cute designs and see whether you'll find here what you were looking for. Opt for the traditional dainty shades as pink and white or you can also adopt a more unique and revolutionary attitude towards portraying Hello Kitty in a more scary and fascinating way. Without a doubt, only your creativity can set limits to the selection of designs you could come up with.


    Ashlee Simpson wrist tattoo

    Though this is not a recent tattoo it is one of the most beloved ones by the fans as well as body art junkies. Ashlee Simpson wears this peony on her left wrist. Besides this tattoo she also has a peace sign on her right middle finger as well as a star inside her left wrist and a LOVE on the inside of her right wrist. This stylish floral tattoo looks perfect paired to her Rock glam outfits and makes it the best statement accessory she could sport to boost the prominence of her look. She claims however that there's no symbolic meaning attached to this designs instead she only wished for it and she has it. 

    Cheryl Cole lower back tattoo

    The brand new tattoo on the back of the X Factor judge keeps fans and the media on their toes as they couldn't get a full picture of it. The young singer claims that the tattoo has a persona essence and meaning to her and took no less than 11 hours to complete it, as well as weeks to come up with the idea of it. Cheryl Cole claimed to The Mirror that the tattoo ““It has a strong symbolic meaning and signifies a fresh start and my new independence." We're looking forward to the brand new tattoo ideas of the 27 years old singer who is an important and favorite style inspiration for millions.

    Rumer Willis rib tattoo

    The 20 year old celebrity kid managed to mesmerize the world with her stylish appearance on the red carpet, also flashing her subtle and elegant tattoo that says :”Be Present”. Besides this fab tattoo she also prides herself with wearing a star on her left hand as well as a swallow on her shoulder. This tattoo designs written over her rib cage allows her to add some sex-appeal to her formal looks.

    Victoria Beckham neck tattoo

    The style icon ex-Spice Girls and promising designer, Victoria Beckham shares the passion of her hubbie for the stylish body art designs. Besides the five stars she has at the bottom of her back, symbolizing the members of her family which should be soon completed with another one, she also decided to confess her love for David with a Hebrew tattoo that says “I am my beloved's, my beloved is mine”. This is indeed a clear warning for those who might lay their eyes on the daytime soccer players, nighttime daddy and beloved husband, David Beckham. Posh is one of the most inspiring divas who knows how to make a statement both with her outfits as well as body art designs.

    Vanessa Hudgens Reveals New Tattoo

    Vanessa Hudgens Reveals New Tattoo

    The 22 years old High School Musical and recently Beastly star, Vanessa Hudgens reveals her new tattoo. The teen star got inked choosing a beautiful and dainty symbol to decorate her body. Find out more on how she heals after breaking up with Zac Efron and which are some of her main plans to improve her look.

    The High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens is featured on the covers of numerous tabloids thanks to the news related to breaking up with her long-time boyfriend Zac Efron. Undoubtedly, Vanessa knows how to stay in the spotlight in a subtle and also elegant manner. After the ex-couple was apparently in a reconciliation period, the 'Beastly' star came up with a brand new plan to surprise her loyal fans and the paparazzi with a dramatic change in her appearance. No, it's not a new hair color or haircut, instead she decided to go for a tattoo.

    Tattoos are some of the most popular accessories for teen stars these days. Therefore it's no surprise that we have the chance to spot the brand new body 'jewelry' of another famous and beloved Disney star.

    Vanessa Hudgens revealed her new tattoo offering images created during the tattooing process. The young actress accompanied by Ruby Rose decided to visit a salon owned by Bang Bang, as one of the best tattoo artists providing the greatest stars with the hottest tattoos from the industry. Rihanna is also one of the ardent fans of this artist.

    Miley Cyrus Tattoo

    Miley Cyrus Gets Tattoo No. 5

    attoos are uber-popular among celebrities and it seems that Miley Cyrus is no stranger to them as she has gotten her fifth tattoo. Her no.5 tattoo seems to be inspired by the love for her siblings. Check out the details on Miley's fifth tattoo!

    Miley Cyrus is again in the spotlight as she's got her new tattoo. Miley's no.5 tattoo has been photographed by the paparazzi and it is located on her torso. This American hottie seems to keep on adding to her tattoo collection as at only 18 she has managed to ink on her skin 5 tattoos and counting.

    Celebrity tattoos have always been a hot focus point and many fans have been inspired for their own tattoos from their favorite celebrities'. It seems that Miley's fans have now a vaster range of tattoos to inspire themselves from as she's just got another tattoo, the number 5 tattoo.

    Miley Cyrus's tattoos include the message “just breath” tattooed right under her left breast and created in honor of a close friend who has passed away due to cystic fibrosis, the word “love” tattooed on her ear, a tiny heart and a cross on her fingers and her latest addition, a dream catcher tattooed on her torso.

    It seems that all of Miley's tattoos have a deep meaning for her and they are inspired by close people in her life. That is quite admirable but what does a dream catcher tattoo mean?
    Well, according to People, one of Miley's friends stated that:
    “It's a picture of the dream catcher that hangs over her bed with four feathers to represent her four brothers and sisters. The dream catcher is to protect them.”

    It appears that Miley cares deeply for her siblings if she decided to symbolically tattoo them on her skin. Permanent tattoos, just as the name states, are for life, so one should definitely take a long thought before selecting a tattoo design. Tattoos can be removed with laser tattoo removal but there is a downside to this matter: scarring. Scars will remain after a tattoo is removed through laser, so this is not exactly what one would wish for.

    We just hope Miley won't feel sorry about her decision, as this will definitely not be good. Her tattoos are not too visible and that is probably due to the fact that she has got them for herself and not to show them off. However, 5 tattoos is a pretty high number especially at her age, so we hope that we won't be counting some more as time goes by!

    Shaq Tattoos

    Shaq tattoos
    Shaq tattoos

    LeBron Tattoos

    The Chosen One: LeBron tattoos

    LeBron tattoos
    LeBron tattoos
    This guy is not just good. He is a mix of Shaquille o’Neal’s strength and Kobe Bryant’s technique. LeBron James has got a most significant tattoo on his back; it reads “Chosen 1”.
    Not the most humble tattoo ever, but can you really say he is wrong?
    Have a look at my LeBron tattoos gallery

    Kobe Bryant Tattoos






    Kobe Bryant Tattoos: thousand and one way to say I’m sorry!

    Kobe Bryant is the most popular and talented basketball player since Michael Jordan’s retirement.
    He also had the chance to play against his highness Air Jordan at the end of his unbelievable career.
    Kobe Bryant couldn’t beat him but he was young and a fast learner, and it didn’t take him much time to become the hero of the new NBA era - a.J. (after Jordan).
    However, Kobe Bryant tattoos have nothing to do with his favourite sport. His tattoos are about his life and belief.
    Kobe was born in the U.S.A, however he spent his childhood in Italy, where his father played as a professional basketball player. He liked football and was a big fan of A.C. Milan.
    Back in the U.S.A he started his career as a basketball player , was hired by the Los Angeles Lakers and won the NBA championship breaking several records. He is now considered to be on of the top ten players ever in the history of the NBA.
    The story behind Kobe Bryant tattoos is quite interesting.
    In summer 2003, in Eagle, Colorado, Kobe met Katelyn Faber, 19-years-old - the second most significant woman in his life.
    Some times after that meeting Kobe Bryant was sued with sexual assault and arrested. He admitted the adulterous sexual encounter, but denied her raping allegation.
    Nobody knows what really happened that night in Colorado, anyways they could find some kind of (economical) agreement that allowed Kobe to go on with his fantastic basketball career.
    Much harder was finding an agreement with the first most significant woman in his life: his wife Vanessa. Someone talked about a 4 million dollars ring as apology for the “little incident in Colorado”. What is for sure is that after the trouble in Colorado some tattoos appeared on Kobe’s arm. The name Vanessa and a Crown to represent the primary importance of his wife, two angel wings and underneath the inscription Psalm XVII to express his faith.
    He also have his daughter’s name Natalia Diamante tattooed on his left arm.