Friday, March 25, 2011

Bear Tattoo's

The bear tattoo's is really tremendous. It looks so gorgeous that you can’t take your eyes off it. There id a mew trend of getting the tattoo of animals these days across the world. The tattoo fob era is often like d by the youngsters. Both the girls and the boys are crazy about it. The animal bear is not a ferocious animal at all until it is molested or troubled by the human beings. The bear are considered to be the family of Ursidae. Bears are often found in the forests and people also keep them in the zoos. And in most of the circus bears are kept to perform the acts for public for enjoyment.


There are many species of bears across the world. In the countries of North America, South America, Europe, and Asia the bears are often found in large numbers. The bears have a large body with the stocky legs, short tail, shaggy hair and a long snout. The color of the bears is often black. Bears seem to have a better relation with the human beings. They are very close to people as bears are not very danger animals. Most of the versa are kept for the use of entertainment in the zoos and the circus for the people in many countries.

Although in some countries people of different cultures keep bears at home for some other purposes like worship and the loading work. The colorful tattoo of bear can be a fantastic tattoo for the young generation.